Monday, September 3, 2012

Visit to south Korea`

We are (about 14 of us from St Helen's Serian) visiting Korea. It is a 10-day trip organized by Prof and Rev Jeung of Sacheon Presbyterian Church of Korea. Leaving on Fri 28 Oct and coming back on 7 Nov. At Incheon Airport we hope to be met by Rev. Paul Shin. Paul spent almost 20 years working as a pastor in Kuching and hence, he speaks good Iban, BM and English. After that Rev. Jeung himself will take us around in the bus that he will personally drive. Looking forward to the visit.

The team members are:

Rev. Trevor Tinda & Mrs Mildred Tinda
Mr Boniface Jirok & Lily Majang
Mr Thomas Bakit & Nancy Buyung
Mr William Abong & Evelyn Landing
Mr Estel Simpol & Julia Sigi
Mdm Nyuhen Linggon
Mdm Newrita Noria
Mdm Katherine Sumang
Mdm Catherine Runyan

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